Wood-destroying insects can make a home unsafe and uncomfortable. These pests can cause extensive damage to your property, and if left untreated they could lead to structural problems and damage. Luckily, there are different ways to protect and prevent your home from wood-destroying insects. 

This blog post discusses 3 things you can do to protect your home from these types of invaders.

  • Repair Leaks, & Moist Fixtures 

One of the most important things you can do to protect your home from wood-destroying insects is to repair any leaks, and make sure all moist fixtures are properly insulated and sealed. Wood-destroying insects thrive in most environments, so if you can keep your home as dry as possible, you’ll be less likely to have an infestation.

  • Remove Wood That Has Been Damaged By Water 

Another easy way to prevent an infestation is to get rid of any dead wood on your property. This includes tree stumps, firewood, and lumber scraps. Make sure these items are stored away from your house and that there is no contact between them and the foundation or framing members.

  • Hire A Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection 

Lastly, if you’re worried about wood-destroying insects, the best way to protect your home is to hire a professional inspector. They will be able to identify any signs of damage or infestation and recommend the appropriate course of action. They can also provide an effective wood-destroying pest solution for your home. 

Inspections help you identify insect infestation early, which can save your investment in both time and money. If left untreated, termites will eat away the structural components of a house until it collapses or is no longer habitable.

Hire Wood-Destroying Pest Control Professionals In Wausau, WI

If you live in an area that is prone to wood-destroying pests, it’s important to take steps to protect your home. One of the best ways to do this is by hiring a professional pest control company. These experts have the experience and knowledge needed to identify and treat infestations quickly and effectively.

Contact 1st Choice Pest Solutions if you need a wood-destroying pest treatment in Wausau, WI! We are pest control experts! We have all the expertise to make your home comfortable and safe again.