Considering Bed Bugs Extermination?

If you think you may have bed bugs, you’re not alone in feeling stressed. Bed bugs not only cost you a lot of time, effort, and headaches to eradicate, they can also trigger sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression. You need your peace of mind back, and you have come to the right place.

At 1st Choice Pest Solutions, our bed bug exterminators are trained on the best methods to eliminate bed bugs from your home, helping you get a more comfortable — and less itchy — night’s sleep. Call us for bed bugs removal and for our bug spray!


Bed bugs have become a major threat to residential and commercial property owners in Wisconsin and across the Country. These pests went dormant in the past 60 to 70 years due to the widespread use of DDT, but resurgence has been taking off since the late 1990s.

Entomologists speculate that the reemergence of bed bugs may be due to increased international travel, the ban on DDT, and higher resistance to currently used pesticides. Bed bugs pose a significant risk and challenge to homeowners and businesses alike. That’s why 1st Choice Pest Solutions has developed an array of bed bug services to help owners of residential and commercial properties in and around Eau Claire.


Of course, the most common location bed bugs are found is in the bedroom. To feed on humans, these tiny insects want to be close to hosts. Box springs, headboards, mattresses, and bed framing are typically the most popular spots for these pests. Additionally, bed bugs can be found in furniture and fixtures that are close to a bed, which is why you should always be cautious when buying used furniture. 

Getting rid of bed bugs is difficult. Any place that humans sit, rest, or sleep can be a place where the bed bugs bite.


If you or your family members are getting bitten, or if you have seen signs of a bedbug infestation in your home, the biggest advice we can give you is this: Don’t delay. Bed bugs multiply quickly—a female can lay 500 eggs in a lifetime—and they hide in tiny, hard to reach places. If you procrastinate dealing with the bedbug problem, it will become a bigger problem that’s even more difficult to solve. A bed bug pest control company like 1st Choice Pest Solutions can get it done for you.


Even a minor bed bug infestation can disrupt day-to-day operations at work or in your home, but then again, with the rate that they multiply, there’s no such thing as a minor infestation.

Infestations are also very difficult to eradicate without proper treatment.  Have you heard of people who had to treat their home for bed bugs again and again with no success? It’s probably because their efforts didn’t kill all the bugs. It does no good to just kill some of them. You need a bed bug exterminator who knows how to eliminate all of these pests the first time.

1st Choice Pest Solutions has several bed bug treatments to offer for all levels of infestation for property owners in Eau Claire.

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatment – A typical bed bug heat treatment involves heating a room to 130 degrees and maintaining that temperature for a period of four to six hours. This heat kills bed bugs in all stages of life; egg, nymph, and adult.
  • Mattress and Box Spring Encasing – Encasing your mattress and box spring in a high-quality encasement that is designed for bed bug control is a good preventative measure for keeping bed bugs out!
  • Conventional Pesticide Treatment – Application of an EPA-registered product is the traditional method for bed bug extermination and is applied on baseboards, along the cracks, crevices, and voids in the walls.  


We will be happy and prepared to help you prevent bed bugs from impacting your day. For more information on bed bug treatments and finally getting rid of bed bugs in Eau Claire, please contact the bed bug exterminators at 1st Choice Pest Solutions today. We’ll be happy to come out and do an on-site inspection as early as possible! Call us now for bed bugs removal and for our bug spray!

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