Living In A Batcave?

As you return home from work, school, or any other activity you were doing, you find yourself relaxing when you suddenly start hearing high-pitched squeaks coming from your ceiling. More often than not, this means you’ve got a couple of bats as roommates.

Calling pest control to help you with your problem is your best bet. Bats are one of the pests that 1st Choice Pest Solutions can help you with. With our many years of experience, we can humanely capture any bats on your property and securely release them back into the wild. 



Due to the corrosive nature of guano buildup, bat droppings and urine can accumulate and begin to leak through walls, damaged ceilings, and harm insulation, causing severe structural deterioration. If left unchecked, a larger bat colony on your property may also emit an unpleasant smelly odor.

Even though other pests might seem more harmful, bat pests should be dealt with as soon as possible. The more they grow, the more potential harm they could do. However, bats are protected under state and federal law, so hiring a bat exterminator is not wise.

Health Issues


Although bats are not hostile, they have been known to bite humans in the past; this generally occurs when mistreated or defending themselves. Only a small percent of bats carry the virus; around 1% to 5% of ill bats tested positive. However, if infected, rabies may be deadly if left untreated.  


Histoplasmosis is another health risk posed by bats. The bats themselves do not pass on the infection, but spores from long-term guano accumulation can be breathed, allowing the fungus to spread within your lungs and cause issues. Just like with rabies, histoplasmosis could be fatal as well 

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