Pests are more than just an inconvenience for the farming and agriculture industries – they pose devastating risks to farmers. Agricultural pest control is crucial when it comes to dealing with infestations that you may encounter. Mice, insects, and other pests can damage crops and cause a slew of other issues for your agricultural operations. At 1st Choice Pest Solutions in Eau Claire, WI, our pest control company specializes in agricultural pest control services, helping numerous farms in west-central Wisconsin achieve a pest-free environment.

Wisconsin’s beautiful countryside is full of a lot of farmland. With all the farming and agricultural operations going on, those in the industry need to be aware of the threat insects, rodents, and other pests pose on the crops as well as the land. Pest infestations can threaten crop production, contaminate commodities, and result in significant revenue damage. 1st Choice Pest Solutions has a long-standing relationship with many farmers and agriculture-related businesses. Thanks to our reliable, effective treatments, 1st Choice Pest Solutions is one of the only pest control companies that can cater to the unique needs of the industry. Our pest control experts will be able to identify which type of pests is causing issues, eliminate the problem, and prevent future problems from occurring.

The Importance of Agricultural Pest Control

Insects, rodents, and other pests can infiltrate your farm quickly if the proper preventative measures are not in place. Like proliferating weeds, pests quickly multiply and can spread throughout both indoor and outdoor facilities. When this happens, stocks, farm buildings, equipment, and other assets are all at risk.

Fortunately, our highly trained pest experts know the right methods to keep farming and agricultural properties pest-free. We know every farm is different, which is why we create an innovative, customized approach to meet the unique needs of your property. Our pest control solutions help prevent most of the common pests that cause farmers headaches, including:


Flies not only can cause crop damage, but they can also irritate and spread diseases to cattle. Flies can be difficult to get rid of, as you have to treat for both the larvae and adult — but that’s what we’re here for!


Rats, mice, and other rodents have long been a problem on farms where food and nesting sites are plentiful. These animals consume and contaminate food intended for livestock, other animals, and humans.


Notorious in the agriculture industry, and not without good reason, locusts have a reputation of being crop destroyers. Locusts are a threat to nearly every crop, especially when they gather in a swarm. Don’t let these insects feast on your farm, let us take care of them.


Corn is an incredibly significant crop and corn rootworms have been a more recent problem for farmers because of their resistance to pesticides. While more like a beetle than a worm, these pests emerge from the ground in the summer and begin their destruction of corn silk and leaves. What’s more, these insects lay eggs throughout the crop, so growing corn on the same land year after year makes the problem worse.

Whatever pests you’re dealing with, rest assured our pest control company will be able to handle the situation.

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